Executive Director

Franco Naccarato
(519) 763-4558 Ext. 224


Franco is responsible for the leadership and management of the association, working closely with all levels of government, agricultural and industry groups on issues that directly affect Members and their businesses.

Technical Director
Daphne Nuys-Hall
(519) 763-4558 Ext. 222


Daphne works on the regulatory aspect of the meat industry, providing regulatory and technical advice and assistance to individual member businesses. Daphne leads the industry development activities including OIMP training workshops and technical bulletin.

Marketing & Communications Director
Heather Nahatchewitz
(519) 763-4558 Ext. 225


Heather is responsible for the OIMP communications strategy, promoting a strong concise message to our members, industry and consumers. Leading our market development initiatives, Heather manages the OIMP branding programs, social media strategy, and consumer outreach.

Industry Development Coordinator
Derek Boudreau
(519) 635-9281


Derek’s responsibility is to be in the field building membership through recruitment, engaging our current members, and increasing involvement in OIMP’s many programs, events, and training, while also assisting with questions and concerns.

Membership Coordinator
Jessy Courtemanche
(519) 763-4558 Ext. 221


Jessy is responsible for maintaining strong member relations, managing registration for OIMP events, and maintaining a current and accurate member database. As OIMP’s in-house graphic designer, Jessy manages design and layout of OIMP communication pieces, and provides graphic design services to OIMP members by request.

Former Executive Director 
Laurie Nicol


Many thanks to you Laurie for your 33 years of dedication and commitment to the industry and to the association!