2020 World Butchers Challenge

And the search begins for Team Canada! Starting now and continuing until June, we are looking for Canada’s best butchers. The search is comprised of an application, and photo and video contests, all of which will be reviewed by our advisory panel including the Team Captain.

Quick Links:
About the Challenge
Registration for Team Members
Registration for Apprentice and Young Butchers
WBC Team Canada Instagram

The Team

The team will be comprised of up to six members, in the following positions:
• Breaker / Boner / Sausage maker
• Trimming / Slicing
• Value-adding / Finishing
• Garnishing / Display organisation

There is 1 additional position available for the Apprentice Butcher challenge (must still be enrolled into training with a registered training provider as of March 1, 2020).

There is 1 additional position available for the Young Butcher challenge (must be under the age of 31 as of March 1, 2019).

There may be additional positions available for substitutes in case one of the team members is not able to compete.

Application Process

Butchers can apply up until the application deadline of May 15, 2019, even if the photo and video contests have started, but they must complete all assignments no later than May 31, 2019. Applications will consist of the following:

Step 1 – Registration
Please follow the applicable link below to register. In the application form, you will be asked for your bio, list of accomplishments, and skill levels. A bio and recommendation by a teacher/mentor are required for Apprentice and Young Butchers.

Registration for Team Members

Registration for Apprentice and Young Butchers

Step 2 – Photo Contest
Starting in March, applicants will be required to post photos of their work on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #WorldButchersChallenge #WBCTeamCanada and tagging @oimpa, @ontmeatpoultry and @wbcteamcanada on Twitter and @ontariomeatpoultry and @wbcteamcanada on Instagram.

For all the Team Canada applicants, you can choose to enter photos of you:
• Breaking down the assigned product and unfinished primal;
• Trimming and slicing the primal and preparation for final presentation; and/or
• Final plating of the primal with garnishes and different presentation ideas.

The assignments include the following:
1. Prime Rib Roast
2. Pork Leg
3. Beef Steaks and/or Outside Round
4. Lamb Shoulder
5. Beef your BEST work
6. Chicken whole bird, any style you wish

N.B. Contestants must complete at least 5 of the photo assignments, and they have until the end of the competition May 31, 2019 to complete them.

Step 3 – Video Contest
Starting in May, applicants will submit a short video of their work for one of the assignments below and post on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #WorldButchersChallenge #WBCTeamCanada and tagging @oimpa, @ontmeatpoultry and @wbcteamcanada on Twitter and @ontariomeatpoultry and @wbcteamcanada on Instagram.

The assignments include the following:
Assignment 1
• Breakers: breaking down a lamb carcass, or side of pork or beef (just removal of sub-primals)
• Trimmers/slicers: cutting steak
• Value adding/garnishing: cutting steak and plating
Assignment 2
• Breakers: sausage making
• Trimmers/slicers: making rolls
• Value adding/garnishing: presenting small roasts
Assignment 3
• Technique demonstration of your choice

N.B. Details may change, and assignments will be updated on this page. If you have already registered, you will receive notice by email of any changes.

WBC Team Canada will be selected and announced by early Summer 2019.

Team Canada Commitments

Team Canada members must be able to travel to Ontario for training dates including:
• August 2019 (Orientation)
• October 25-26, 2019
• January 2020
• April 2020
• June 2020
• August 2020

Team Canada members will be asked to meet via teleconference for planning meetings and fundraising discussions.

Travel subsidies may be available depending on funding. All team members will be required to support fundraising activities.

Team Canada members must be available to travel for up to a week to Sacramento, California – September 2020.

About the 2020 World Butchers’ Challenge

16 teams from around the globe will compete to see who the best of the best is. There will be a week’s worth of activities culminating in the final competition and banquet awards. In addition to the coveted Team award there will be additional awards for:
• Best Pork Product
• Best Lamb Product
• Best Beef Product
• Best Poultry Product
• Best Beef Sausage
• Best Pork Sausage
• Best Gourmet Sausage

The Assignment
Each team will be provided with a side of pork, side of beef, a whole lamb and five chickens. Each protein will be ordered to the following specifications:
• Side of pork: from a 80-90kg / 176-198lbs carcass, with a maximum fat depth of 8-10mm
• Side of beef (broken between the 12th and 13th rib): from a 250 – 260kg / 550lbs-574lbs carcass
• Whole lamb: from a 30kg / ~66lbs carcass
• Whole chickens (x5): 2kg / ~4.5lbs per chicken

Teams will be given 3 hours and 15 minutes total. They can use this time however they wish.
All peeling, cutting, chopping, dicing or cooking of vegetables / garnishes must be done during this time.
For the display, each team will be provided with eight trestle tables (1800mm x 750mm) giving a total display space of 7200mm x 1500mm.