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The Canadian Beef Information Gateway

Canada Beef is pleased to introduce the Canadian Beef Information Gateway, their most ambitious initiative to date. The Gateway leverages the convenience of scannable Q/R codes to inspire and educate your partner’s customers. The program provides recipes accompanied by instructional videos, cooking methods, nutrition information, and more to support an outstanding beef experience.

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Canadian Beef Interactive Carcass

The Canadian beef interactive carcass is your one stop shop for all information related to ordering, marketing, merchandising and cooking Canadian beef. This tool includes standard NAMP# and full technical description of each sub-primal and cut. You will also learn the marketability and palatability characteristics of each cut so that you could incorporate stories into your print and digital consumer communication vehicles.


Canadian Beef Marketing Library

Come explore the Canada Beef Marketing Library Designed to inspire and assist you in your efforts to tell a powerful Canadian beef story, you will find creative examples, innovative visuals, images and artwork here for your work. This resource centre will help guide and support you in your Canadian beef communication and marketing initiatives.


Canadian Beef ROUNDUP™ app

ROUNDUP™ app Available for FREE download on iPhone, Android and iPad Available in English, French and Spanish Created by the experts at Canada Beef, this comprehensive tool will help you know how to buy the right cut and cook it with confidence. The ROUNDUP™ app has it all!


Canadian Beef CONNECT Program | FREE for MPO Members

Canada Beef Connect Program
Canada Beef Connect Program

Canadian Beef CONNECT Program.

This comprehensive training resource is specifically designed to meet the needs of our domestic and global beef industry partners. Curriculum designed and developed by the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence.