Who We Are

Meat & Poultry Ontario is the heart of Ontario’s meat industry. Our members are independent businesses proud to serve the communities they live and work in. They can be found across the province, involved in every stage of the meat industry from harvesting to retail.

No matter where they are located or the type of products they produce, Meat & Poultry Ontario members are committed to creating delicious, healthy and nutritional foods for Ontario families. In addition to providing food for your table, your local butcher is a strong economic driver in urban and rural Ontario. Ontario’s meat and poultry sector employs 25% of Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry — the single largest manufacturing employer in Ontario — and generates $11.2 billion of the province’s $45 billion food and beverage processing industry revenue.

The bulk of that money stays in Ontario and allows Meat & Poultry Ontario members to provide for their families, support their local economy and be active leaders in their local food movement.

Meat & Poultry Ontario is proud to lead and grow our industry. Through our innovative services we bring recognized leadership, meaningful connections and practical insights to our members and Ontario consumers. We are relentlessly focused on helping Ontario’s butchers, meat processors and their suppliers connect with markets (and one another) so they can grow their business and our sector of independent meat processors.

Meat & Poultry Ontario is energized by the changes coming. Working with and for our members, we will continue to develop tools and programs that allow innovative and creative butchers to connect with consumers in Ontario and across Canada.


A sustainable, respectful and diverse food system that celebrates the nutritional and economic value of meat and poultry.


We strengthen the meat and poultry industry in Ontario by connecting people, influencing change and empowering our members.


People – and more specifically “Family” drive our businesses, and our purpose

Community – the impact and influence we have in our farming, rural and urban communities

Integrity – in our processes and relationships

Health – of our environment and the community we serve

Diversity – in the products and markets we serve

MPO Awards

The Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence recognizes the innovative contributions of producers, processors, agri-food organizations and rural communities in Ontario. Their innovations improve existing products, create new jobs and grow Ontario’s economy. MPO has been recognized for this award in 2009 and 2014.