• Membership with the MPO is important because it’s great support for our business. If we have a question, we can get an answer right away, and not waste our time searching online or calling 1-800 numbers. Plus they give us a voice to affect positive change.

    Shannon D.Finest Sausage & Meat
  • Supporting MPO is important because they are a phenomenal resource, giving members exposure, and connecting a network of peers in a sometimes challenging market.

    Gary T.Reiser
  • By combining funds, resources, and manpower in this logical partnership with MPO, we have extended our effort and reach in the areas of consumer awareness, retail engagement, and foodservice opportunities in the further promotion on Ontario Beef.

    Beef Farmers of Ontario
  • Being a member of the MPO , you can meet people in the industry that have the same issues as you. Like-minded people, individuals you can bounce ideas off. I don’t think there’s anyone that wouldn’t give you a straight answer, that wouldn’t help you.

    Peter B.J & G Quality Meats
  • Membership with MPO is important because if I have a problem or a question I can make one phone call to one person that can provide up-to-date and accurate information.

    Michael M.Seed To Sausage
  • Supporting MPO is important because they are an organization supporting the meat industry; one of our key target markets. As a family business, the people we meet within the MPO do business the same way we do and share our values. We appreciate that.

    Judith K.Minotaur Software
  • Membership with the MPO is important because it’s nice to have support from the industry itself. Someone to ask about issues, training, and food safety. A great resources.

    Peter S.Sikorski Sausages