Press Releases

23-02-25 – AgScape Partners with Meat & Poultry Ontario to Introduce a Meat & Poultry Processing Resource for Ontario Educators

22-10-24 – Meat & Poultry Ontario celebrates Ontario’s Finest in the meat processing industry

22-10-16 – Doug Easterbrook named Ontario’s Finest Butcher

22-09-29 – New initiative helps farmers find processing space for livestock

21-11-25 – Meat & Poultry Ontario Celebrates 40th Anniversary at Red Carpet Awards Gala 2021!

21-09-30 – Metro claims Ontario’s Finest Butcher Title

21-09-15 – Ontario’s Finest Butcher Competition Sees Record Number of Entries

20-09-22 – Steve Toms Ontario’s Finest Butcher

20-09-15 – Three Ontario’s Finest Butcher Finalists Announced

20-03-11 – Ontario meat processors applaud governments $2.25 million investment in COVID-19 Agri-food Workplace Protection

17-10-23 – OIMP Red Carpet Awards Gala 2017, the Academy Awards of the Ontario Meat Industry!

17-09-12 – Three Finalists Announced After a Day of Fierce Competition

17-04-21 – Ontario Independent Meat Processors Welcome New President

16-10-27 – Third Times a Charm, Peter Baarda takes title 3rd year in a row

16-10-24 – OIMP Awards Banquet Honours Members

16-09-13 – Who Made the Cut? Top three butchers moving on to Finals

15-10-30 – VG Meats Knows their Bacon Achieving the Top Scores in Three Categories

15-10-29 – Sikorski Takes Seven in Ontario Meat Competition

15-10-27 – OIMP Gala 2015, the Academy Awards of the Ontario Meat Industry

15-10-27 – Halenda’s Takes Home their 3rd Consecutive Award of Excellence

15-10-27 – Paganelli’s Enters for the First Time and Brings Home the Diamond Award

15-10-27 – Lococo’s Butcher: Peter Baarda Defends his Title as Ontario’s Finest Butcher