WEBINAR: Health & Safety Excellence

Investing in Health and Safety – Webinar Playback

A Unique Opportunity for Meat & Poultry Ontario Members

A recent survey by Leger online on behalf of the WSIB revealed 82% of job-seeking Ontarians are interested in researching a workplace’s health and safety record, which tells us people are reconsidering what they value most in a potential employer.

Experience tells us that prioritizing workplace health and safety and actively promoting it in your workplace can also change an employee’s behaviour – while helping reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

In this presentation, you will learn the following:

1. Health and safety trends in the meat and poultry industry

2. How the Health and Safety Excellence program can help you focus on the workplace health and safety topics that are most relevant to you. The program can accommodate businesses of all sizes and industries, whether you’re building a health and safety program from scratch or enhancing an existing one.

3. How you can earn rebates on your WSIB premiums, including $1000 towards starting a health and safety action plan for smaller businesses and other benefits for investing in health and safety