Info Sheets

These easy-to-read, one page documents provide essential information and guidance on a variety of operational and regulatory topics.

Allergen Control
It’s about protecting the health of consumers with food allergies, and the reputation of your company.

Calibration Program
All monitoring instruments must be calibrated to meet regulatory compliance.

Chemical Safety
Chemical safety is everyone’s responsibility. Protect yourself, your workplace and your employees.

Customer Complaints
A customer complaint is “an expression of dissatisfaction of a product or service on a consumer’s behalf to a responsible party”. In the world of food this dissatisfaction could also be an illness or injury to the consumer.

Environmental Sampling Plan
A properly established program will act as an early warning system for potential microbial hazards in a meat plant.

Effective Sanitation
Sanitation is a series of eight steps that are effective only when taken in order.

Hygienic Slaughter – Poultry

It is important that effective good manufacturing practices are employed throughout slaughter and dressing processes to ensure that carcasses are as clean, both visibly and micro-biologically, as possible prior to the application of an approved carcass wash intervention.

Hygienic Slaughter – Red Meat
There is no one step, process or treatment to ensure that a carcass is free from harmful bacteria. Meat safety is a multi-step process.

Labelling Essentials
Labels are an essential component of selling prepackaged meat products and have mandatory regulatory requirements.

Pest Control
A strong and effective pest management program needs to proactively prevent, quickly detect, and safely eliminate pests to protect the safety and suitability of food.

Pest Control 2
The best way to manage pest infestations is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. This means denying pests entry into the plant. If you do not stop the pests from entering your facility, you may leave yourself at risk of an uncontrolled pest infestation – putting your product, your brand and reputation in jeopardy.

Preventative Maintenance Program
An essential part of a company’s food safety and quality strategy, resulting in reduced breakdowns and expenses.

Root Cause Analysis

Looking beyond the immediate non-conformance or deviation to investigate what system or process allowed the non-conformance to occur in the first place.

Vulnerability Assessment

Consumers are not the only victims of food fraud. Food fraud can impact businesses that purchase products, ingredients and supplies to manufacture their end products.

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