Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Facts Panels are required by law on most pre-packaged foods. Are your products compliant?

Through the Food and Drugs Act, Health Canada regulates the labeling of food products in Canada, which includes making nutrition labeling mandatory on most food labels. These labeling regulations have been designed to provide a system for conveying information about the nutrient content of food in a standardized format. This allows for easy comparison of foods, and enables informed food choices by the consumer.

Nutrition labeling can be a daunting project, especially for small companies and those with large numbers of products to label.

To assist the food industry in complying with the nutrition labeling requirements, MPO is pleased to offer a Nutrition Analysis Service with complete confidentiality guaranteed.

With the use of the Genesis Nutrition Labeling Formulation Database, a cost effective alternative to conventional lab analysis, MPO can compute nutrition facts for your products. We provide a complete analysis, which includes a food list, nutrients analysis, and a camera-ready Nutrition Facts label to provide to your printer, artist, or package designer.

Download the Nutrition Analysis Forms Package

The cost for this service is $280 (+ HST). MPO Members receive a 50% discount.

Contact MPO Technical Director at (519) 763-4558 ext. 222 or for more information.