Lifetime Member Award

MPO presents the prestigious Lifetime Member Award to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Association and Ontario’s meat and poultry industry.

Award Recipients

Doris Valade (2019)
Laurie Nicol (2018)
Joe Abate (2017)
Brian Quinn (2016)
Graham Dalziel (2015)
Tony Facciolo (2011)
Pat Johnson (2005)

Gerry Houtzager (2003)
Leo Rocheleau (2001)
Jim Vidoczy (2000)
Nancy Ackert (1997)
Dr.Ron Usborne (1996)
Ron Deeth (1995)

Associate Member Recognition Award (AMRA)

This honour is given to an MPO Associate Member company that, judged by the membership, is deserving of recognition for their contribution to the association and to the industry. Using evaluation criteria including length of membership, monetary contribution, and event participation, three Associate Members are short-listed and presented to membership to decide who will receive the recognition by way of voting.




VC999, Saint-Germain-de-Grantham (2018)
Handtmann Canada, Waterloo (2017)
Malabar Super Spice, Burlington (2016)

Meat Industry Achievement Award

The MIA Award is given to an MPO Business Member Company or, an individual within a Business Member Company, that judged by the membership, is deserving of recognition for their achievement in the meat and poultry industry.

Hayter’s Farm honoured with the 2016 MIA Award.

Hayter’s is a family-owned turkey farm in Dashwood, Ontario, where three generations of the Hayter family have devoted their passion for premium quality for over 60 years. Their devotion to taste and tradition in every aspect of turkey farming and turkey products continues to this day with close to 100 employees, 8 of whom are family members.

Hayter’s Farm, a Poult-to-Plate integrated operation, is the only turkey farm in Canada that raises birds and processes products on-site. By managing every step, they can ensure the best practices for their birds, environment, and customers.

As great supporters of their community it is not unusual to see a massive sign outside the retail store advertising a BBQ fundraiser on one side and a message to support the fireman’s breakfast on the other. On a direct route to the shores of Lake Huron, you’d think this prime advertising real estate would be encouraging drivers’ to stop by and pick up some turkey products for their long weekend festivities. But no, it’s used to promote charity – a premise that runs through the heart of the operation – do the right thing and the rest will come.

Many of our members carry Hayter’s products whether whole turkeys, roasts, burgers, or more, and they themselves have been an MPO member since 2001.

Hayter’s processing operation started as a provincially licensed facility from 1984 to 1990 at which time they pursued their Federal registration. Their onsite store was built in 1983 and has been expanded a couple of times since, although the Hayter’s have had a farm outlet for 50 years. Their most recent addition is their test kitchen.


Award Recipients

Hayter’s Farm, Dashwood (2016)

Schinkel’s Legacy, Chatham (2014)

Conestoga Meat Packers, Breslau (2013)

In Memory of Dave Tiller (2012)

Halenda’s Fine Foods, Oshawa (2011)

Springer’s Meats, Hamilton (2010)

VG Meats, Simcoe (2009)

Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese, Heidelberg (2008)

Leo Rocheleau, Maidstone (2007)