Lifetime Member Award

MPO presents the prestigious Lifetime Member Award to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Association and Ontario’s meat and poultry industry.

Award Recipients

Richard Halenda (2021)
Doris Valade (2019)
Laurie Nicol (2018)
Joe Abate (2017)
Brian Quinn (2016)
Graham Dalziel (2015)
Tony Facciolo (2011)

Pat Johnson (2005)
Gerry Houtzager (2003)
Leo Rocheleau (2001)
Jim Vidoczy (2000)
Nancy Ackert (1997)
Dr.Ron Usborne (1996)
Ron Deeth (1995)

Associate Member Recognition Award (AMRA)

This honour is given to an MPO Associate Member company that, judged by the membership, is deserving of recognition for their contribution to the association and to the industry. Using evaluation criteria including length of membership, monetary contribution, and event participation, three Associate Members are short-listed and presented to membership to decide who will receive the recognition by way of voting.



Farm Credit Canada (2022)

Viscofan Canada (2021)
Reiser Canada (2019)
VC999, Saint-Germain-de-Grantham (2018)
Handtmann Canada, Waterloo (2017)
Malabar Super Spice, Burlington (2016)

Meat Industry Achievement Award

The MIA Award is given to an MPO Business Member Company or, an individual within a Business Member Company, that judged by the membership, is deserving of recognition for their achievement in the meat and poultry industry.


Award Recipients

King Cole Duck, Stouffville (2021)

Hayter’s Farm, Dashwood (2016)

Schinkel’s Legacy, Chatham (2014)

Conestoga Meat Packers, Breslau (2013)

In Memory of Dave Tiller (2012)

Halenda’s Fine Foods, Oshawa (2011)

Springer’s Meats, Hamilton (2010)

VG Meats, Simcoe (2009)

Stemmler’s Meat & Cheese, Heidelberg (2008)

Leo Rocheleau, Maidstone (2007)

Pat Johnson
Public Service Recognition Award

The Pat Johnson award was introduced in 2022 to celebrate the partnership and collaboration Meat & Poultry Ontario(MPO) has with local, provincial and federal governments. As a regulated industry, we work side by side with our public counterparts in the pursuit of producing safe, nutritious, and sustainable food every day.  


Pat Johnson  was widely recognized as a great supporter of the industry that went above and beyond what is expected of her in helping meat plants realize their full potential. Pat was awarded many honours for innovation in science including the Amethyst Award in 2006 the highest award in the Ontario Public Sector, the same year she was made a Lifetime Member of MPO (formerly OIMP). To honour her career and appreciation of what she did for the industry we have named this public service award after her. 


This honour will be awarded to public sector professionals that excel in service, commitment and accomplishment relating to supporting the meat and poultry sector. Nominations can come from members or staff of MPO and recipients will be selected by the Board of Directors. 


Award Recipients

Kelly McAslan, OMAFRA (2022)
Natasha Bartlett, OMAFRA (2022)