AgScape Partners with Meat & Poultry Ontario to Introduce a Meat & Poultry Processing Resource for Ontario Educators

AgScape, a leader in innovative agriculture and food education for educators and students across Ontario, is proud to launch its curriculum-linked resource, Meat & Poultry Processing in Ontario, Teacher’s Guide for Grades 7-12, in collaboration with Meat & Poultry Ontario on Canada’s Agriculture Day.


This comprehensive resource includes a Teacher’s Guide, providing an overview of the meat and poultry processing sector in Ontario, as well as three interdisciplinary lesson plans targeting grades 7-8, grades 9-10 and grades 11-12. Many different and relevant themes such as packaging and food waste (7-8), industry challenges and solutions (9-10) and food safety (11-12) as well as an overarching theme of career exploration are covered in the lesson plans provided.


AgScape and Meat & Poultry Ontario share the belief that resources like this Teacher’s Guide are vital to sharing accurate, balanced and current information on a sector that is facing extreme labour shortages. By working with teachers, students and the school community, this resource will give students a first-hand look into stable employment and the opportunity to explore exciting career opportunities.


“In this resource, educators will have all the information they need to fully explore the entire meat and poultry processing supply chain, gaining valuable knowledge of the inner workings of our food system,” said Shaunna MacQuarriem, Project Assistant at AgScape and Ontario Certified Teacher. “They will also be able to successfully equip the workforce of tomorrow with the necessary skills for careers in Canada’s agriculture sector.”


“We believe that students have an interest in knowing where our food comes from and will benefit from understanding the important role they could play in shaping the future of meat processing in Ontario,” said Daphne Nuys-Hall, Technical Director at Meat & Poultry Ontario. “This resource will showcase the abundance of opportunities that exist in the industry, from entry-level to highly skilled positions.”

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