Canadian Beef ROUNDUP™ app

The ROUNDUP™ app is available for FREE download on iPhone, iPad, and Android


Available in English, French and Spanish

Created by the experts at Canada Beef, this comprehensive tool will help you know how to buy the right cut and cook it with confidence. The ROUNDUP™ app has it all!

Developed with pride by Canada’s beef farmers and ranchers.

In a Meat Muddle?
Canada Beef’s got The Roundup™ App for that!

Get cooking Canadian beef with inspiration on what to cook, how to cook and how to buy beef! The Roundup™ app can rescue you from any beefy confusion you may have (a.k.a. Meat Muddle).

So now whether you’re at the meat counter or on the couch, all you need to know to get the best from beef is at your fingertips from your smartphone or iPad.