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The Centre for Meat Innovation & Technology is offering a selection of training  courses that have been tailored specifically for abattoirs and meat processors.  For more information on current and future course offerings, please contact Luis Garcia, Director of the Centre for Meat Innovation & Technology at (519) 763-4558 or

Sausage Making 101

Supported by Hela Spice

Participants will be introduced to the process of sausage making, including materials, ingredients and equipment typically utilized in the meat industry. The course will focus on fresh sausage making, from grinding to stuffing, and will cover all food safety related aspects through the process.

After completing this 3-hour course, you will be able to:

• Explain the main ingredients used to make fresh sausage and their functionality
• Understand the effect of grinding size on fresh sausage
• Explain quality attributes in fresh sausage
• Describe the types of casings used in fresh sausage making
• Make different types of fresh sausage

January 10, 2023