Easy HR Support—Free for Meat and Poultry Ontario Members!


Things don’t happen in the food industry without good people doing good work, so finding and managing those people are some of the biggest jobs for any manager or owner—but they can be hard jobs, full of questions and confusion, and they can take up a ton of time and money.

Knowing this, Meat & Poultry Ontario has sought a partnership with EIO to provide readily-available HR support, encouraging all association members to get control of HR chaos.

  • The partnership—creating the “Easy HR Program”—includes:
    1:1 HR Advice Sessions, bookable in advance through EIO’s Member Portal
    A curated document library with downloadable policy templates, checklists, manuals, and more

Monthly educational content, including webinars, on key HR topicsSo, whether you have a question about managing someone who’s always late; are looking for a new employee handbook; or need an expert opinion about a safety incident, EIO is here to help!

To learn more about the program inclusions, and how to make the most of the new partnership, visit eiosolutions.com/mpo