Workforce Development Strategy

Be Part of the Solution

To address the chronic and critical labour shortage in Ontario’s meat sector, and to support a competitive and skilled industry, Meat & Poultry Ontario (MPO) is developing a provincial workforce strategy and action plan that will include:

  • Attraction strategies for new entrants into our industry.
  • Retention strategies for the current workforce.
  • Skill development pathways.
  • Labour mobility feasibility.
  • Collaboration with other organizations and community partners.

It is critical that industry participates to inform and design the strategy for our industry!

Industry Workforce Advisory Table

Through the work of an advisory group consisting of representatives from meat processing companies, MPO will be developing specific employer informed action plans and recommendations for the meat industry.

Using the information gained from the employer and worker surveys, key informant interviews, and research we will advance tangible solutions for your own business and for our industry’s workforce challenges.

If you are interested in the future of Ontario’s meat sector click here for more information on how to get involved.

The two surveys are being conducted by Purpose Co, an independent agency, contracted by MPO. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. All data gathered will be analyzed as part of a group which will inform the strategy and action plan. Each survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and will remain open until April 21, 2021.

For more information on the Workforce Strategy contact: Laurie Nicol our Workforce Development Specialist at

Workforce Planning

This survey is being conducted to understand industry workforce practices and needs. The results will help develop a strategy and action plan to:

  • Enhance recruitment and training for new entrants to the industry.
  • Enhance the skills of the current workforce to build the sustainability, retention, and productivity of the workforce.
  • Enhance industry workforce practices to improve retention, worker advancement, engagement, and skills.

This survey is meant for employers and should only be completed by
people with knowledge of the business’ workforce needs and practices.


Skills Training & Employee Engagement

This survey is being conducted with the goal of understanding the experience, needs, and other insights only known by those working in the meat industry. This information will help to identify:

  • Opportunities for training and further education.
  • Workforce gaps.
  • Motivation and retention values.

This survey should only be completed by those working on the front lines in the meat industry.



This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Government of Ontario.