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Canadians Perspectives on COVID-19 Power Point by Angus Reid

Angus Reid has been collecting data on Canadian’s attitudes and activities during COVID for 6 weeks now. Every week they release this report, attached you will find some helpful information:
Perceptions of shopping
Use of “click & pick” (online ordering)
Lifestyle changes
Frequency of purchases
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Information on the Use of Surgical Masks


3M Resources


The following tip sheets have been developed by MPO to assist meat processors and retailers in understanding the best practices to implement for managing COVID-19. These templates are intended as a guideline only.  Please visit the relevant government websites for the latest information.  

[April 9th, 2020]  Best Practices for Managing Employee Illness (PDF) – DOWNLOAD 

[April 9th, 2020]  Best Practices for Meat Processing Plants (PDF) –  DOWNLOAD

[April 9th, 2020]  Best Practices for Retail (PDF) –  DOWNLOAD

[April 9th, 2020]  Social Distancing in Food Production (PDF) – DOWNLOAD 

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Updates (CFIA)
COVID-19 questions answered, CFIA priorities, updates on inspection services and measures, notices to industry.

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Guidance to Meat Slaughter and Processing Establishments (CFIA)
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada’s people, environment and economy.

The CFIA recognizes COVID-19 prevention and response activities at slaughter establishments to be a critical element for employee health and safety.

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The following templates have been developed to provide an outline for meat processing facilities to use to communicate COVID-19 related procedures to employees and visitors.  These templates are intended as an outline only and can be customized based on your current policies and procedures. 

UPDATED [June 11th, 2021] – Plant Protocols To Mitigate COVID-19 (WORD) –DOWNLOAD

[April 9th, 2020] – Employee Illness Reporting Procedure (WORD) – DOWNLOAD 

[April 9th, 2020] – Employee & Visitor Screening Policy (WORD) – DOWNLOAD 

[April 9th, 2020] – Visitor Policy (WORD) – DOWNLOAD 

[April 9th, 2020] – Visitor Logbook (EXCEL) – DOWNLOAD 

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